Daniel Simon Arnold Biography
Daniel Simon Arnold, July 1970.

Daniel Simon Arnold Biography

Daniel was born to Daniel Webster Arnold and Hannah L. Pettis in Blaine, Benzie, Michigan, USA on Monday, December 22, 1890.

Daniel married Tracie M. Balitz in Benzonia, Benzie, Michigan, USA on Monday, July 3, 1916.

Children of Daniel and Tracie include:

Who is Daniel to you?

  • Father of Laban Daniel Arnold and Alvin Ernest Arnold.
  • Grandfather of Joyce, Dan, Gloria, Mike, Valerie, Teresa, Sally, Carol, and Roger.
  • Great grandfather to Kelly Jean, David Michael, David Daniel, Steven Michael, Gina Joy, Kristen Marie, Bradley Jay, Joseph Michael, Mathew Allen, Daniel Scott, Jennifer Lynn, Jaysson Solomon-Elijah, Job Gabriel-Elisha, Sarah Kaylynn, Kandy Kay, Randy William, Scott Anthony, Joy Ann, Beth Ann, and Anne Marie.
  • 2nd great grandfather to Danielle Rose, Dutch Reese, William Henry, Nolan Anthony, Nickolas Anthony, Sydney Kay, Wyatt Anthony, Kari Nikole, Kali Ryann, Brett Mikalary, Samantha Marie, Spencer Jay, Megan Armenia, Dominic Daniel, Tristen Jay, Zachary Todd, and ADK, AJC, ARC, BMP, CJS, CMA, DLA, DMA, EGS, ELO, GAL, JRC, KARM, KC, LVA, MMA, NKK, RJR, SJA, TDR, TJM, WAS.
  • 3rd great grandfather to DK and MJK.

In February of 1919, Dan bought a cemetery plot at the Platte Township Cemetery. The “Spanish” flu pandemic spread worldwide in 19181919, killing an estimated 50 million people, including Dan’s sister Lottie. His wife had just lost her mom to a fire a few months ago. Was any of this weighing on Dan’s mind when he bought this plot, or was it simple planning ahead? The cost of the plot, by the way, was a whopping $2. This is the equivalent of $5.60 when Dan died in 1974, and $30 in 2019 dollars, so quite a bargain.

Daniel passed away in Platte, Benzie, MI, USA on Monday, February 18, 1974 at the age of 83.

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