John George Arnold Biography
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John George Arnold Biography

Note: John George Arnold is a possible, but unproven, father of Samuel Arnold. This post presents some biographical information, independent of whether this man is actually the father of Samuel.

John was born in Europe, perhaps the Netherlands2, or in Zuzenhausen, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany3 around the year 17042,5, or on September 4, 17123.

John’s first wife was Maria Ann5. His children included Daniel, Samuel, Jon (1st), and Andrew all born in Germany, and Frederick, born in Frederick City Maryland.5 He had a second wife by the name of Mary Catherine5.

He came to Philadelphia on the ship Elizabeth in October of 17382,3 from Rotterdam, Netherlands2 or Zuzenhausen Germany3 (Or perhaps from Germany via the Netherlands?). He settled in what became Frederick County, Maryland, married Anna Maria2,3 around ? and also Catherina3 [Admin: perhaps Anna Catherine Schneider? ] and gave birth to his son Samuel Arnold1 about 17342,3:

John George Arnold (Johann Görg Arnold [t]) aged 34, came to Philadelphia on the ship Elizabeth in Oct. 1738 from Rotterdam by way of Cowes (Pa. German Pioneers, Vol. 1, pp. 243, 244). He must have gone immediately to that part of Prince Georges Co., Md., which became Frederick Co., because Annapolis Land Record EI#2, p. 876, recites that John George Arnold had settled on land called Ash Swamp, 150 acres, and made improvements without obtaining any rights, and the Proprietors warranted land to him 6 May 1739. He later bought half a dozen other tracts of land. His wife was Anna Maria, since on 17 Oct. 1743 “George Arnold and w. Anna Maria” were witnesses at the baptism of Johannes, son of Ludwig Kaemmerer, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Frederick Co. (Transcript of Church records at Md. Hist. Soc., p. 14). She was called Mary in deeds. He was born about 1704. The last record of him was 17 Aug. 1768 when he and wife Mary conveyed land. His son Samuel was born probably about 1734 as he apparently married about 1756-7.

H. Minot Pitman, from [Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine] Vol. XIX:2 (Sept. 1953), 125-126.

Also, from the list of arrivals in the port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808, originally published in 1934:

[List 64 B] Palatines imported in the Ship Elizabeth, George Hodgson, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes in Old England. Qualified October 30th 1738. [Palatines: from the Palatinate (Pfalz) area of Germany.]

Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Strassburger, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980, p. 244.

The following facts about John are drawn from old German records:

Drawn from the Protocols of the Electoral Palatine District of Heidelberg in the Baden State Archives at Karlsruhe, and appeared in the article “Die Amerikaauswanderung aus dem kurpfalzischen Oberamt Heidelberg in den Jahren 1737, 1738, 1751, 1753 und 1754,” in Badische Heimat, Bd. 38 (1958 ), 303-304:

JOHANN GEORG ARNOLD. In 1738 Johann Georg Arnold of Zuzenhausen (Kreis Sinsheim) received permission to emigrate to America with his wife and children, on payment of 10 florins manumission tax (Abkaufschilling) (Protocol 6184, p. 366). Johann Görg Arnold, aged 34, arrived at Philadelphia on the Ship Elizabeth, October 30, 1738 (List 64 A-C).

[Johann Georg Arnold was born September 4, 1712, at Zuzenhausen, Kreis Sinsheim, son of Hans Adam and Maria Barbara Arnold. He died 1768, in Frederick, Maryland. At the time of his death he owned eight farms in Western Maryland. His wives’ names were Anna Maria and Catharina. A son, Samuel, born about 1734, settled in Hampshire County, [West] Virginia, in 1785 (Heimatstelle Pfalz ).]

Pennsylvania Folklife Vol. 24, No. 4, 1975, pp. 26-27.

With respect to the son, Samuel, mentioned in the previous quote – the following also mentions a Samuel moving to West Virginia in 1785:

The Arnold family — originally came from Hanover, Germany settled first in Pennsylvania, within the bounds of the Conewago Congregation. History records that a short time later the Arnolds moved to near Burkettsville, Maryland. Land records show three Arnolds, likely brothers. Their names were John George, Samuel and Daniel.

John George and his wife Catherine, raised a large Christian family. Three of their sons, David, Samuel and Daniel were well known ministers and Zachariah was a deacon.

About 1785 some of the children of John Arnold moved to Beaver Run, W. Va. and were instrumental in establishing the first Brethren Church on W. Va. soil. The names of these were Samuel, Daniel, Zachariah …

History of the Pleasant View Church of the Brethren, Rev. Emmert F. Bittenger

As is often the case with historical documents, especially unsourced, the above raises as many questions for us as it answers, for example:

  • Hanover vs Zuzenhausen? 290 miles apart.
  • John George had brothers and sons named Samuel and Daniel? Not impossible, or even unlikely, but we do need to be careful about which Samuel we are tracking if both the brother and son of John George came to America.
  • Beaver Run vs Hampshire County? We find a Beaver Run Cemetery in Mineral County, which is adjacent to Hampshire County and contains several Arnold gravestones.
  • Wife of John George: Anna Maria aka Mary, Catherine – timeline?

John George and his four sons were naturalized in Md., January 5, 1739.5

More on John George’s land holdings:

Daniel Dulany conveyed to him 494 acres called “Rams Horn”, Dec. 3, 1739. This land was in the Jackson District, Frederick Ctyl, Md. It was on the west side of the Catoctin Creek and near the Catoctin Ford which led to Stull Mill on the Antietam Creek. He made a resurvey, July 8, 1747.

Arnold History, Rev. Ralph F. Martz, 1980.

Jonathan passed away in Frederick County, Maryland3 in 17683. This aligns with Pitman’s last known date/location of Samuel2.

Children of John and Mary include Samuel Arnold1,2,3.

(126 miles from Frederick County, Maryland to Somerset County, Pennsylvania)

Some comparisons:

Samuel Arnold of Somerset County, PennsylvaniaSamuel Arnold, son of John George Arnold
ReferenceFather of Samuel (2nd), who had Daniel, who had both Drusilla Arnold-Luckey and Daniel Webster ArnoldJohn George was son of Hans Adam Arnold and Maria Barbara. He was also husband of Anna Maria Barth (10/17/1724) and Catharina.
Birth1738, per discredited Luckey lineage to Jonathan4probably about 17342,3
BirthplaceRhode Island, per discredited Luckey lineage to Jonathan4Zuzenhausen, Germany, based on birth in 1734 and immigration in 1738.2,3
Children of John GeorgeSamuel, Joseph, Daniel, Rachel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Easter, Ann, Catharine.Samuel, Joseph, Daniel, Rachel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Easter, Ann, Catharine.
NaturalizationJohn George and his family moved to Maryland where it was recorded on January 15, 1739, that a Patent of Naturalization was issued to John George Arnold of Prince Georges County, a Native of Germany, and to John, Daniel, Samuel and Andrew, his sons. [3]
MovementsSamuel settled in Hampshire County, [West] Virginia, in 17853 Or was this another Samuel, for example son of John, son of John George?
MarriageElizabeth Wright 1757Elizabeth Unknown 1756
ChildrenSamuel (1775-1847) m. Elizabeth Plumb, also Elizabeth, Anna, Catherine, Philip, Joseph, Esther, Daniel, Rachel, MargaretSamuel (12/5/1767 – 6/5/1829) m. Molly Ludwig, also Daniel, David, Zachariah, Catherine, Charity

1There is an open issue regarding Samuel’s parentage. John George is considered as a possible, but unproven, father to Samuel Arnold.

2H. Minot Pitman, from [Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine] Vol. XIX:2 (Sept. 1953), 125-126.

3Pennsylvania Folklife Vol. 24, No. 4, 1975, pp. 26-27.


5Arnold History, Rev. Ralph F. Martz, 1980.

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