Carl Balitz Biography
Carl Balitz, circa 1880.

Carl Balitz Biography

Carl Balitz was born in Berlin, Germany circa 1830, probably in the late 20’s or early 30’s.

What was Carl’s real name? According to ship logs from his journey to the USA, and also the 1880 census, it was Carl Belitz. His name is listed as Chas Balitz on the 1895 marriage record of his son Fred. Lastly, it is shown as Charles Balitz on the death certificate of his daughter Elizabeth.

Carl married Henrietta Wolf in City, County, State, USA on UnknownDate.

Children of Carl and Henrietta include:

Carl passed away in City, County, State, USA on UnknownDate at the age of UnknownAge.

Admin Note: I’ve set the date of this biography to January 1, 1830 in the hopes that it is somewhat close, not because I have any solid information on the actual date of death.

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