Fredrick Balitz Biography
Fredrick Balitz, 1910.

Fredrick Balitz Biography

Fredrick Balitz was born to Carl Balitz and Henrietta Wolf in City, County, Wisconsin, USA on Friday, June 3, 1870.

Who is Fred to you? The following is not a complete list of relatives/descendants, but if you recognize any of these names, it may help you answer that question.

  • Father of Tracie M. Balitz.
  • Grandfather of Laban Daniel Arnold and Alvin Ernest Arnold.
  • Great grandfather of Joyce, Dan, Gloria, Mike, Valerie, Teresa, Sally, Carol, and Roger.
  • 2nd great grandfather to Kelly Jean, David Michael, David Daniel, Steven Michael, Gina Joy, Kristen Marie, Bradley Jay, Joseph Michael, Matthew Allen, Daniel Scott, Jennifer Lynn, Jaysson Solomon-Elijah, Job Gabriel-Elisha, Sarah Kaylynn, Kandy Kay, Randy William, Scott Anthony, Joy Ann, Beth Ann, and Anne Marie.
  • 3rd great grandfather to Danielle Rose, Dutch Reese, William Henry, Nolan Anthony, Nickolas Anthony, Sydney Kay, Wyatt Anthony, Kari Nikole, Kali Ryann, Brett Mikalary, Samantha Marie, Spencer Jay, Megan Armenia, Dominic Daniel, Tristen Jay, Zachary Todd, Kayla, and 20+ young folks.
  • 4th great grandfather to other young folks.

Fred married Mary S. Kucks in City, County, State, USA on Wednesday, June 19, 1895.

Children of Fred and Mary include:

“Number Two” brings back a lot of memories. When Willard Harwood was home, he would quite often take us kids to the lake for swimming, which we loved. He was good with kids. Also, a lot of times on Sunday he would get his folks and mine together and make a freezer of ice cream in a crank style freezer. My mother tried different mixtures like adding maple syrup, etc., and we never had a bad batch. Everyone ate it and liked it except my Grandpa Balitz. I guess it did not mix too well with his tobacco chewing.

Alvin E. Arnold Memoirs

I was doing some driving of my dad’s Model T before I reached 14 when my dad was along. The day that I was 14 my grandfather Balitz took me to Beulah (county seat) to get my driver’s license. I believe it was $1.00. The examiner looked at me and then at my granddad and said, can this boy drive a car, and my granddad said yes and he handed me a license. From then on I usually drove mom into town for groceries and that saved my dad from going. My mother never did learn to drive and I don’t think she had any desire to do so.

Alvin E. Arnold Memoirs

Fred passed away in Platte, Benzie, MI, USA on Monday, March 15, 1943 at the age of 72.

From the local newspaper:

Fred Balitz, 73 [actually 72 DEA], long time resident and farmer of Platte township died at his home last Monday morning. Mr. Balitz had been sick for some time and died just as arrangements were being made to take him to the hospital.

Funeral services were held this afternoon at the Bennett Funeral Home in Frankfort. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Smart and burial was made in the Platte township cemetery. Mr. Balitz is survived by his wife and a son and a daughter. [wife, Mary; son Ernest; daughter Tracie; DEA]

Local newspaper: Fred Bailitz [sic, corrected to Balitz numerous times in above text, DEA]

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