Susan Elisabeth Suttles Biography
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Susan Elisabeth Suttles Biography

Susan Elisabeth Suttles was born to Unknown and Unknown in City, County, Ohio, USA on Saturday, March, 26, 1825.

What was Susan’s real last name? Was it Susan Suttles as on her 1846 marriage license application and marriage certificate, and on Simon Arnold’s death certificate?

Was it Susan Settles as on Daniel W. Arnold’s death certificate? Or perhaps Susan Settle as on Elizabeth Arnold’s death certificate? Maybe it was Susan Sittle/Settle as on Mary Arnold’s death certificate?

Could it have been Susan Settler as on her son George Thomas Arnold’s death certificate? 😉

We have Susan’s middle initial as “E” in an 1850 census, but the only time we have her full name is in old handwritten notes: “Susan Elisabeth Suttles”.

Susan married Daniel Arnold (1st) in Summit, Ohio, USA on 16 Aug 1846.

Children of Susan and Daniel include:

According to the death certificate of her son Simon, Susan was born in Virginia.

Susan passed away of Acute Nephritis in Blaine Township, Benzie, MI, USA on Friday, February 21, 1908 at the age of 82.

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