William Henry Moore Biography
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William Henry Moore Biography

William Henry Moore was born to William B. Moore and Mercy Ann Stout in Centre, Pennsylvania, USA on Wednesday, August 24, 1831.

William married May Annette Park in City, County, State, USA on UnknownDate.

Children of William and May include:

  • John J. Moore 18781969 (91)
  • Perry Moore
  • Grant Moore
  • Sig Moore
  • Dick Moore
  • Emma Moore
  • Hannah Moore
  • Virginia Moore
  • Annette Moore
  • Della Moore
  • Stella Moore
  • Thelma Moore

William Henry Moore was captured during the Civil War and was held in a POW camp by the south until the end of the Civil War. The family farm was in Marsailles OH. After returning from war, William could not work on the farm due to his illnesses and injuries from the war.

Ethel Ruth Moore, as related by Lonnie Moore in 2024.

William passed away of cancer in City, Wyandot, OH, USA on Saturday, May 1, 1897 at the age of 65.

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